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Public Distribution Maps

This tool allows you to create an interactive distribution 'heat map' of a species for 10k and 1k grid squares. (Note: Those records recorded at 10km square resolution cannot be viewed as 1km squares).

Use the forms below to browse or search for a species.


Select a taxon (species) group. You can then browse the species in that group. Species marked with an asterix (*) are sensitive species as determined by Natural Resources Wales (NRW). For these species, you can only create a 10km interactive distribution map - you will be redirected to this map automatically (these maps may take several minutes to create so please be patient). The NRW sensitive species list can be viewed here.


Enter the first three of more letters of either the scientific (latin) name or the common name to see a list of available species.

All maps and data are Copyright LERC Wales and are not be copied, saved or used in any way without permission.

Maps and data are not to be used for any commercial purposes.